Our Custom Tubs

Greg's Tub and Spa sells and services tubs and tub showers that can be customized to your specific needs.   These products can be fitted with special energy and water efficient jets placed in the locations and numbers that are right for you.  Our tubs and showers are available in a variety of custom colors and materials such as marble. tri-marble, granite, and pearlescent.  Other options include heated pulsators, wave action, water fall or steam showers, LED mood lights, and  fiber-optic diamond lights.

For a quote or more information, call or text us at (256) 858-1818.

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Pictured above are some examples of the tub styles we offer.  To the far left our 67" x 62" x 22" deep heart shaped tub is pictured.  The center picture shows a 6 foot corner tub measuring 72" x 72" x 70 1/4" x 20 1/2" deep with a high back for comfort.  To the right is a 6 foot Twin Creeks tub with a high back for two people measuring 70 3/4" x 47" x 21".  We also offer round and corner tubs.  All can be customized with the options listed above.